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Pillow - Bike

Pillow created with a Friend's photo, on which I have removed the background to create an embroidery of the bike.
0.00 incl tax

Cushion - Birthday

0.00 incl tax

Cushion - Book Cover

The image (book cover) on the front of this cushion is printed on fabric from the book entirely designed and written by my niece for a school project. I have embroidered the text and designed the cushion based on the colors of the book cover. It was her gift for Christmas.
0.00 incl tax

Cushion - Friend

0.00 incl tax

Personalized Apron

A cute apron on which we have embroidered the name of the recipient. As it was a gift, we have also created a coordinated bag with the same embroidered text.
0.00 incl tax


Beautiful Quilt with an embroidered design and appliqués. Size: 48" (121.92 cm or 4') X 57" (144.78 cm or 4.75'). Back is floral grey. Mildew resistant needled cotton batting. Fabric was washed before quilt piecing to avoid discoloration and shrinkage.
0.00 incl tax

Quilt - Cyr

This quilt was offered to our dancing teacher during the holidays. I have used her school logo that I converted into an embroidery and displayed on the quilt using various thread colors. I have also added a personal quote about dancing, giving the impression that the teacher is expressing it herself, and made a matching cushion.
0.00 incl tax

Quilt - Kisses

This was my first quilt ever, offered to a friend we call "Kissy, Kissy". I have used the lips to create butterflies and flower designs all over the quilt. Text and lips designs are embroidered.
0.00 incl tax

Quilt - Mathis

I have designed this quilt for the birth of a baby boy. The animals on the front were all handmade without patterns. I have used the embroidery and appliqué technique for all of them. The ears and the eyes were made to grab the baby's attention.
0.00 incl tax