Shipping & Returns

This website is operated by the seller "Cizo & Déco". By visiting our site and/or purchasing a product from us, the visitor or customer accepts our terms, conditions and policies.

This Policy is subject to change without notice.


Shipping charges are paid for by the customer in the amount agreed upon by the seller at the time of purchase. Please note that Cizo & Déco only allows shipping within Canada. However, specific arrangements may be made for international shipping. In-stock merchandise will normally ship within 2 to 5 business days.

Business days are from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


If a product is lost during shipping, the total cost of the item, including shipping, will be refunded to the customer by Cizo & Déco. However, Cizo & Déco will not be held responsible for products damaged during shipping.


Shipping charges apply to most orders, whether they are placed online or over the phone. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply for bulky or special packages. If applicable, this will be indicated in the shipping estimate generated by the customer.

Cizo & Déco offers delivery at a fixed rate for clients in certain locations. Shipping outside these locations will be subject to shipping rates by Canada Post.


Most of the products sold by Cizo & Déco are unique. As such, a replacement might not be possible. Instead, the customer might be able to choose from similar products available in our store.

The return of a product is subject to the restrictions of our Vendors. If a product is unsatisfactory, the customer needs to provide an explanation in writing before it can be considered for a refund, in addition to selecting the reason for the return, when completing the on-line request. The customer is responsible for shipping charges and risk of loss on all return shipments, unless the request for a return is a result of an error by Cizo & Déco.

The customer should consider using a traceable shipping service for the return of a product, particularly where the price of the product is significant. Cizo & Déco cannot be hold responsible for not receiving your returned products.


 Wrong product received

 Wrong product ordered

 Problem with the Product


 Custom-made or personalized products

 Products on sale

 Vendor-restricted Products

 Products purchased through a special order

 Any product made of fabric (clothing, quilts, etc.)

 Gift Cards

 Tickets and registration fees (Craft Shows)

 Subscription to a selling plan


To benefit from a refund, the customer must return the product within 10 days of the delivered date . Otherwise, the product is considered accepted and not refundable. Please also refer to the "Non-Returnable Products" to determine if a refund applies.

IMPORTANT: A damaged product should never be accepted by the client upon its delivery. The customer should carefully verify the package received from the carrier. If the customer accepts a damaged product from the carrier, the customer must contact Cizo & Déco on the same day the shipment is accepted to arrange for a carrier inspection and a pickup of the damaged product, if necessary. Timely receipt of this information is necessary for Cizo & Déco to file a damage claim with the freight carrier and avoid delays in returns and replacements. Meanwhile, the customer must note the damages to the product, on the carrier’s shipping slip, prior to the carrier leaving the premises. Both the customer and the carrier must sign the shipping slip to acknowledge these damages. The customer must keep the product and its original packaging for return process. A 20% restocking fee may apply to an incomplete return.


All returnable products should be sent to: Cizo & Déco, 24 D’Auteuil, Chelsea (Qc), J9B 1N9, Canada.


Refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis in the form of an in-store credit. Should a return be accepted by the Vendor, Cizo & Déco will notify the customer accordingly and confirm the amount of the credit (an amount equal to the original purchase price and freight paid for the Product, less any applicable restocking fees) that will be applied to the customer’s account.


Please contact us via our "Contact Us" Page for any questions about this Policy.